Additional information

Armchair Travel
Sheila hosts the Armchair Travel group in her own home.
Once a month, members gather to relive their expeditions both home and abroad.
These are brought alive as they view snaps and movies on the big screen.
Unfortunately the group is full to capacity, in fact we may have some potential
for expanding into a second group.
Any volunteers?


At the Pictures
For 2019 we introduce a new group,chaired by Jim Gould for all who enjoy
the allure of the Silver Screen. We plan to enjoy Classic films of all
descriptions from early Black and White comedies to modern musicals
to set your feet tapping. We hope to invite the occasional speaker
to provide a little insight to the industry and there are Media Museums and
Imax Theatres we might visit to broaden our experience.


This is a short walk group who do a little local exploring twice a month.
Routes are generally no longer than about 2 miles, are chosen carefully to avoid
 stiles and steep inclines and usually follow metalled paths.
They always finish at or near a cafe where drinks and light refreshments are available.



This is not an exclusive U3A group but our members may belong to an 'Over-50s Club' which plays
badminton at Bebington Oval on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2.00 - 4.00pm, with an admission
charge of 2.50. Players of all standards are welcome but beginners or relatively inexperienced players
are recommended to join the Tuesday sessions first.


Bridge Group
The Bridge Group meets every Monday at 10.00 a.m. at the Village Centre in Bromborough.
If you have played Bridge before using the basic Acol system and would like to play in a friendly atmosphere, we have a few vacancies. You do not need a partner.
Unfortunately we are not able to teach beginners.


Collectors Forum
The Collectors's forum is intended to expand the knowledge of all types of collectables
from ephemera,coins,stamps.ceramics etc.
Each month a different topic is chosen and members where possible bring an item
for all to view and discuss. During the summer time an outing can be arranged to an
Antique and Collectors Fair or even local car boots. Regret at present we have no room
for new members and we have a short waiting list.


Discussion Group
We bring interesting and perhaps controversial topics to the table, a good recipe for a lively afternooon.
The group however meets at Carol's place so numbers have to be limited and vacancies are infrequent.


French Conversation
We are a small group who are lovers of all things French.
Our range of French speaking ability is quite broad, but we are all able to talk about
what we have done, to ask questions and discuss things in French. We meet once a month
to speak and listen to the language. We are a self-help group, without a native speaker.
We have vacancies for 2 or 3 more enthusiasts at the moment.


Gardening Group 1
Our main aim is to visit gardens in a large surrounding area to get ideas for layout
and types of flowers. We are still learning flower names and visits give us a chance to
improve our knowledge in that area as well as possibly purchasing any specimens we fancy.
Once a year we go further afield in order to view even more gardening possibilities.
Occasionally members have plants or cuttings to give away, as well as the odd word
of advice on gardening problems. With 14 members already we regret that we cannot
extend an open invitation to join us, our group meets in various members' homes and
space therefore limits our size. Should you wish to enquire further please contact
Richard Bugg or Roger Newbury using the green button on the 'Groups' page.


Gardening Group 2

Gardening Group 2 is a practical group of 10 people, learning from each other's
various gardening practices and looking forward to our monthly meetings.

Every second Thursday of the month one of our members hosts the meeting
at their home. (with the usual tea and biscuits). We wander around the garden
and take our refreshments outside whenever possible. We swap seeds, cuttings,
plants and chat about what is happening in our gardens.

The size of the group is governed by the numbers which can be accommodated
in our homes and unfortunately there are no vacancies at present.


Garden Visits

At the beginning of each year group members meet to decide which public gardens,
within striking distance, they would like to visit
during the year and a monthly visit programme is sketched out.

We travel by car, car sharing where possible,meeting for lunch and always
end the visit with a welcome cup of tea and a natter.
By all means introduce yourself to Sheila and explore with us
he most beautiful gardens around.


The History Group

'The History Group meets on the third Thursday of the month . If the venue is changed
the group will be informed. We cover all aspects of history eg Famous women or men
and not just UK history but cover other countries as well.
Each summer we arrange outings to places featured in history.'


Jazz Appreciation
This group meets once each month to listen to jazz recordings of all types.
Members are encouraged to bring along suitable recordings or give presentations
on particular aspects jazz, i.e. styles, performers, favourites, etc. We occasionally
watch films or DVDs, and go out as a group to local jazz evenings (and other U3A members
are welcome to join us on these little outings). No specialist knowledge is necessary,
just an interest and a willingness to take part in discussion.


Knit 'n Natter
We are a friendly group of knitters who get together on the evening of the 3rd Wednesday
of each month . Members work on either their own projects or garments we are making for charity.
The charities we have supported in the last year are,The Shoe Box appeal, Claire House and Hats
for Soldiers in Afghanistan. We still have a couple of empty chairs, would you like to join us?
Any unwanted wool would be appreciated.


This group, established in 2001, reads very widely, but not necessarily deeply, in many
aspects of literature. Poetry, plays and novels form most of our agenda
but we have looked at travel writing, diaries, magazines (journalism),
biographies - in fact anything that takes our fancy. We have also dabbled
in the literature of other countries and that has become an ongoing project
. We visit the theatre, cinema, lectures etc. as appropriate. We are quite a large
group and often find it a tight squeeze meeting in each other's houses For this reason .
we are full just now, but would support anyone who might consider starting a second group.


Luncheon Club
Every month Irene invites members to have a spot of lunch with her.
That is when the Luncheon Club explores local hostelries,. It is very pleasant
to meet up with friendly folk and to put the world to rights.
The venue is varied, of course, and the menu will never break the bank.
By all means use the green button to send an enquiry to Irene, but it might be
easier to catch up with her and have a chat at the next meeting.


Music Appreciation

This group meets once each month to listen to music of all types, although there is an emphasis
on the 'classical' field, with the object of appreciating the many styles of music, repertoire and
performers. Members are encouraged to bring along favourite recordings and occasionally
present a subject of interest to them.



Join Roy and Maureen  of a Friday to polish up those familiar songs of old.


Spanish Group  (Intermediate Level)

We are fortunate to have Irene O'Shea, a Spanish teacher, as our tutor.
We meet for two hours once a month on a Tuesday morning in members' homes
in Bromborough and Eastham.
We also go out occasionally for meals with a Spanish flavour.
Our main textbooks are G.C.S.E. Revision Guide Spanish by Allison Macaulay [Letts]
and First Spanish Reader edited by Angel Flores [Dover Publications].

Diana Selmer (Co-ordinator)


Visiting Stately Homes

Sheila arranges monthly visits to accessible stately homes which can be easily reached by car.


Roy keeps an eagle eye on the programmes for Theatre Clwyd, The Liverpool Playhouse ,
The Empire and theatres even further afield. He selects shows, plays, ballets and operas
which are probably of more general interest and then, on a periodic basis, organises a block booking.
The invitation is open to all our members and often a discounted ticket price may be possible.