Useful Web links

This is a link to the National U3A Trust pages          The umbrella organisation of the U3A in Britain

This is a link to the online courses offered by the U3A

          The U3A offer many online courses, if you prefer to study
           on your own, at your own pace.

Links to neighbouring U3A groups
            Chester U3A

            Heswall U3A

This is a link to the International U3A Trust pages           and to U3A International

This is a link to the Virtual U3A  pages           Did you know there is a Wiki based 'Virtual U3A'?

This is a link to free bus travel   pages          Learn more about free bus travel for the elderly, in England/Scotland & Wales .

Link to Sumatre PDF download                     Sumatra PDF is a small, free, downloadable programme to enable you to read *.pdf files.
                     In our estimation, although it may seem to lack professional polish it is perfectly safe, much simpler
                     and less intrusive than Adobe Acrobat Reader which is usually recommended.

This is a link to Is your desktop or lap top computer slowly grinding to a halt?
The chances are that it is being choked with unwanted temporary and deleted files,
& it needs a thorough clean out., is a small safe and simple to use programme,
free to download which will do all these things for you. In case you wondered, this useful utility
was at first called C**p Cleaner, but the name was changed so as not to offend those of delicate disposition!

This is a link to Irfanview
                          IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE graphic viewer for Windows .
                           It is designed to be simple for beginners and yet powerful for professionals.
                           Look no further than this if you wish to crop/straighten or polish up that latest batch of snaps.

Age Concern radio station

            Did you know that Age UK have their own 'Wireless' radio station
             specially for those of more mature years!

This is a link to software 4 studentsIf you are tempted to pay for your software this is a web site from which you may get a Student discount.
. As U3A members we are regarded as students of the University of the Third Age. ;Enter your personal details
and then choose your university by entering “U3A”, then choose the “Old Municipal Buildings”
                                              as the particular institution (this is the address of the Third Age Trust).

SAYNOTO0870.COM          using Phone numbers such as 0871, 0870, 0844, 0845, 0800, 0808 can prove expensive.
This web page offers a search facility to give you a cheaper 'geographical' phone number for the same company.

Type in your search term as it revolves          Does the Internet make your head spin?
           Just for a little fun, click on the thumbnail ( left) and type in your faourite web site address.
           If you like the effect, share it with your friends
           Thats one way of helping it go round!