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Board Games Group

The Rummikub and Scrabble groups are , as you can see, led by Mary,Eileen and Rita who kindly invite folk
to their homes to enjoy a quiet couple of hours polishing up their playing skills and putting the world to rights.

As you can see some prefer to meet up in the afternoons and some make an evening of it.
Unfortunately by the time the boards are set out and sleeves rolled up, there is hardly room to
serve a cup of tea and a biscuit, so numbers have to be limited and vacancies occur infrequently.

You can always ask one of the hostesses by using the green enquiry button but we
might recommend that you get in touch with Irene who is another Group leader,

Irene runs the monthly Board Games group.and is the perfect hostess,
she can offer tea and biscuits in a time honoured way but her venue is the Scout HQ
where there are no limitations on numbers and there are tables and chairs galore.

Why not drop by one Friday towards the end of the month, you are invited to simply join in,
or should you have a personal favourite or unusual game, why not bring your own board
and introduce it to the others.

For those of you who enjoy playing with words
here is a 'Wordle' prepared by prioritising & then randomising the words
from the paragraphs above.The programme is web based and free,
you can make your own Wordle by just clicking here

Perhaps you might be interested to read a short story
" Death by Scrabble" by Charlie Fish
( he speaks your language!)
you can find it here