What does U3A mean?
U3A stands for University of the Third Age - but don't let the title put you off! Although called "University",
no qualifications are required or given - and we have members, not students.
"University" is used in the older, broader, sense of "a meeting of people interested in sharing their experience
and learning new things". We have study groups, but these depend on our members' own interests and expertise
, because we do not have paid teachers. U3A also believes in the value of friendship and social activities
as we get older, and these are most important aspects of our group.

How is the U3A organised?
Although each local branch operates under the guidelines of the Third Age Trust, a national body, each branch is
independent, democratic, self-funded and self-managed. This means that each one is able
to develop its own structure, style and character.

Who can join the U3A?
Anyone in the "Third Age" (which does not necessarily mean pensionable) can join ; it's open to anyone no longer
in full-time employment. You only need plenty of interest and enthusiasm!
We are a friendly group and we readily welcome new members.

Membership fee for Bromborough U3A is 10 per annum, which entitles you to attend as many courses
as you wish, provided there are vacancies and which gives you free entry to our monthly meetings.
Every member is entitled to a copy of the national U3A news magazine three times a year.

The Bromborough U3A is a registered Charity: Number 1133569.
As mentioned above we are part of the National and International U3A Trusts.
In the United Kingdom there are over 800 branches of the U3A, with a total membership of over 250,000.

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